We're The One: From The Eye of Unity

What do you think who are we? Would you be happy to die in a prison or would you like to die free?

We're The One is The Book of Us, of We, who are nothing but fractals, reflections of each other, who are made up of that of which everything else is made of and hence it would be good for all of us, for The Nature itself if each one of us gets healed from all that stuff which we once did, without knowing nearly anything about The Verse and its Wheel.

We're The One takes us on our own collective journey rhythmically which started from A Single Seed to the creation of everything which We are presently able to see, from being merely a unified source of existence to the development of seemingly separated entities, to the construction of nature, of world, to the birth of We.

We're The One is structured and written in such a manner to allow its readers to understand some aspects of life, of existence, of unity, of fragrance, and would be a suitable read for anyone who is consciously seeking to evolve, to understand the very nature of consciousness, which unites each one of us through an invisible thread which is trying to express its infinite nature ever since it came to know about its nature, which is endless.

Let We're The One help you in your own journey of setting yourself free by helping in healing your inner child, from the very within, by making you a bit more aware about everything, about this life, about your primal zing, by inspiring you to perform actions with a knowing of oneness which would eventually help you in regaining back your once lost wings. Do remember that We're The One This Verse has been long waiting for and We shouldn't keep letting it down now for we are here to cure, both individually and also our collective fore, and therefore we should excitingly grab this opportunity of existing in these times which some call to as The Times of Great Awakening, whatever it may be, we're here to rise, after existing for very long, falling.

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