The CoExistors' Vision

Beloved Carriers of Light, of Love, of Truth we all have wondered for quite long now that what is our purpose here, where is our tribe with whom we could feel home and not otherwise. We all have wondered for long as to how can we make our contribution in cleansing this very polluted system, to establish Truth back after a prolonged age of Lies, to bring Light back to our collective consciousness after a deadly dark night.

Under the influence of the rising influence of the ‘unpolished’ modern thought, the real evolutionary thought process got wiped off, and so our identity, and our recent ancestors were handed over with ignorance which they then started propagating because they were told that being ‘modern’ is the only way to develop and the race of being falsely ideated human development began, the outcome of which so far has been pretty evident, especially for those whose eyes are opened and not closed and it can be termed to as The Era of Disease, where diseases were started being produced in order to dominate the masses, to control them, directly at first and seemingly indirect in present times. Whereas real development without an ounce of doubt should’ve resulted in An Era of Ease, in an era of all-round prosperity. We’re creating CoExistors to unify all those who’ve been working upon them till now in nearly isolation. The vision of CoExistors is very comprehensive and we would like to engage with anyone who identifies itself with Truth, with Light so as to develop that force needed to chuck out from here all the ignorance that has infected not just humanity but all the living tribes. We will slowly open up with our vision as we travel into the time and hence stay tuned for Our Time has come to blossom, to fly.

Image from free4kwallpapers


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