Operation Mother Gaia

- To contribute in reclaiming sanctity in its entirety of Mother Earth. 

Objectives - 

i.) To understand and transmit the placement of us currently in this ever-continuing thread of history so as to then envision a comprehensive evolutionary future for Mother Earth and all its inhabitants.

ii.) To help and guide ‘intellectual warriors’ to equip themselves with a non-partisan, comprehensive and critical perspective. 

iii.) To support those who are already working towards the above mentioned vision and to inspire those who want to do the same.

iv.) To help in establishing self-reliant communities across Mother Earth by providing them comprehensive customised guidance depending upon factors like locational aspects, etc,.

Methodology -   


i.) ReVisit - There’s so much confusion around which is needed to be sorted out at first for reestablishing the sanctity of Earth we need to be very clear about the picture. Revisiting the continuous thread of history will be our main concern here from an unbiased perspective so as to shift the narrative from ‘lies’ to ‘truth’.

ii.) RePresent - The revisited knowledge will then be needed to be passed on to the masses so as to increase the awareness quotient of our collective consciousness which would be done through different mediums like articles, videos, podcasts, voice chat discussions, illustrations, memes, etc,.

iii.) Renaissance - As the awareness level of our collective consciousness increases and as it has already been increasing, we’ll try to support, co-operate and guide, if needed, those who are already working in alignment with our overall vision while also working independently to embark renaissance, a period of reawakening, of regeneration of Mother Earth, of us as a collective unit after a prolonged phase of darkness. 

iv.) ReClaim - The abundance aspect of Mother Earth is needed to be re-established as against the limited perspective of the same. It can only be reclaimed if we start going back to our roots, to nature and it can only be done by creating, inspiring, supporting and guiding communities and individuals working to make themselves self-reliant while helping in the healing process of Mother Earth which we’ll focus on here from an inter-dependent perspective.

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