Courses, Workshops & Retreats

The Key Focus for all the courses and programs are as follows

Ascending: Back to The Origin

Consciousness Shift: The Light Age

Know Thyself: Delayering The Ignorance

DeConditioning CrashCourse : (21 hours, 3 hours a day, 7 day schedule)

Current Timeline: The Great Awakening

The Black and The White: Cosmic Play

The Prep: DeConditioning The ‘False’ Conditioning

The Journey: Becoming The Star

The Mission: Establishing Unity Consciousness

FlagShip Program: (5 Days Residential 'ReTreat')


Enabling Programs:

The Art of HomeMaking: The Phenomenological Experience (3 Hour Course, 3 days)

Basic Astrology: Traversing The Stars (21 hours, 3 hour classes, 6 days)

Nakshatras: The Family of Stars (12 hours, 3 hour classes, 4 days)

Dark Night of The Soul: Diving Deep (3 Hour Course, 3 days)

‘Ask Us Anything’: The Spiritual Well ( 90 Minutes)

Long Format Customised Guidance:

Fractal-Centric: 28 days, 30 hours

A Guiding Lamp: 84 days, 88 hours


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