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We're here to Clarify. One of the primary objectives with which Nature has envisioned CoExistors is to bring in Clarity, The True Clarity in this elsewise Muddy World, Confused World. Ever since Humanity started being imprisoned, The BandWidth of The Human Collective also started decreasing to the point where it can't be decreased anymore further. With this very limited spectrum with which Humanity was existing in forgot to ask the right questions, the deserving questions and whosoever was trying to claim to be the holder of Clarity was itself mostly seen preaching second hand or third hand information which it assembled from here and there. In recent times but things are shifting, and Nature is working to impart Clarity again especially to those who're prepared and rest will be cleansed so as to kick start The Next Age for which we all have been preparing for. 

We will be therefore very glad to respond to any of your queries, spiritual, physical, existential et. al so as to bring in Clarity to The Collective. Our approach of mitigating doubts is quite elaborative which tries to cover as much ground as possible, as many factors as possible and we are doing so through different methods like through written works, or through other illustrative methods and we're calling everyone to submit their questions here for which we will respond to it and may also publish on CoExistors Virtual Space if we find it helpful for beings at large. Please feel free to ask anything, the silliest of the silliest question or the most serious one and we will respond to it as early as possible. When a being awakes, there also arises several doubts which if dealt in sincerely and objectively reduces the time of One's wandering in search of The Truth, The Clarity and we will try to decrease it for as many beings as possible so that The Army of The Light Holders grows to such an extent that Ignorance would suffocate on its own and die while making way for The Next Age to get established away from just trying to survive.

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