Was Never Absent

How to express something which is Infinite through words that are very limited? That's why majority of the modern human beings have failed to embrace it, their true infinite potential for they were majorly trying to follow written or spoken words which are very important in order to show the path but there are no alternatives for walking the path which One has to do by itself. There will be several distractions on the way as part of the False Ascension Matrix whose task is to take fractals away from their Source for on this Earth territory both Darkness and Light combines together to make everything alive, you, me, that insect, that river, that elephant and that butterfly and hence focus upon the Path and rest assure that their will be signs and symbols to help you out on your quest back to where it all started from, from The Spectrum of Infinity, from That which Just Is and Was Never Absent.

Image from wallpaperswide


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