'The NewCagers'

Humanity is currently seeing the rise of 'NewAge Spiritualists' majority of which can be termed to as 'NewCagers' as they without getting freed themselves started professing as to how it can be done. Some of them have also been implanted by The Current Deceptive Controllers in order to cage those who're trying to build The NextAge. Being spiritual, ascending to the next level/s is more about experiencing it, embracing it than trying to innerstand it from a third person perspective through books, videos, etc which unfortunately seems to be the case with these NewAge Spiritualists with some exceptions here and there. 

There are various tools in this spiritual quest which One may utilise and we are seeking to provide those here on CoExistors like Astrology in which is encoded the very trajectory of life which One has gone through in multiple lifetimes. Beings generally tend to engage themselves in predictive aspects of Astrology rather than utilising it as an empowering tool and beings have nearly forgotten The Placement of Stars, The Cosmic Setup which has resulted in this nearly total misplacement of the human society at large and We intend to ReEstablish it, Our Lost Cosmic Connection while bringing in Clarity with Our Own Eternal Existence.

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