The First Reason

For long humanity has been traversing in darkness without knowing much about it's Calmness, developing things physically while leaving behind Our Cosmic Existence. For long we've been told that there lies only this world where life is possible taking from Us all our possibilities to evolve, to liberate from these cycles of birth and death. For long we've existed a life of limitations to the extent that now a major portion of humanity doesn't even realise its bondage. For long Earth was nearly engulfed into Darkness, into complete ignorance where Darkness began being ruled by those who're against salvation. But as The Game of Time has already planned as per its very nature to upkeep Balance the future of Us full of Light and Real Compassion. There are a lot of things which are happening as of now as per part of The Plan in which Pollution will be completely Cleansed and Only Truth and its Lovers will be made to overtake this territory to Create That which was The First Reason behind all The Expression.

Image from wallpapersafari


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