One's Own Mission

There may be deception all around but you've Eternal Clarity residing within you. The League of Deception Makers have invested all their energies to bar One to tap into it through various things like 'education', 'electronics', 'entertainment', etc. which makes it very difficult for One to innerstand Oneself and nearly unconsciously it becomes a soldier of their army. Isolation in this scenario becomes quite fruitful as One starts spending time with Oneself, trying to go deeper into One's own layers eventually reaching to The Source from where it all started, where it's all stored as to who it is and what it is doing here. Getting out of 'The Rat Race' and slowing down One's Life events has the ability to create this vaccum needed to break this 'illusionary setup' and realise as to what actually is Absolute Freedom and what is One's Own Mission.

Image from westincolleges


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