Fractals of The Infinite

Yes, everyone is equal but not in their current avatars, some are ahead in their consciousness and some are still in very deep sleep. The False Ascension Matrix twists wisdom and utilise it for their own benefit and this is how the Dark Side has been able to control the masses, by giving them something which can't be challenged by a non-thinking being. By selling this thought of being equal it takes away the very opportunity from those who buys it as they feed into their consciousness that everyone is equal and hence there's no where to go, no one to follow boosting multifold their Ego. We're all Fractals of The Infinite and we're here for some purpose and the purpose can only be sorted out when one realises it's own placement sincerely, as to where it has reached in this Game of Duality and what is the destination beyond This Construct, 'NothingNess' or The Unified Field.

Image from wallpapers


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