The Construct

This Construct of Existence isn't actualising itself randomly but there is a FrameWork, a Structure, a Plan according to which everything is Becoming Alive. Humanity's failure in innerstanding it as Whole has led us to this Civilisation of Chaos and Ignorance kept on increasing to the point where everyone now talks about 'Galaxies' without knowing their arrangement, their relationship with one another. In these changing times but things have begun to change. In This Era of Darkness, the level of human consciousness fell that low that only physical survival and comfort on this Earthy territory became nearly the only goal of the human society but now as some of the human beings started asking the right questions and thus evolving their individuated consciousness, they started becoming reaware of our Cosmic Identity from where comes the real wisdom and knowing of the algorithm of Cosmos. When one's individuated consciousness rises, it starts opening up the real secrets related with that level of consciousness and we'll try to build that progressional narrative here of Our Collective History, of Our Collective Destination and hence stay tuned.

Image from wallpaperflare


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