In A Prison

Human Beings majorly have been bereft of Their Cosmic Identity for centuries now. We were told that Life only exist on this 'planet' and Earth is the only special place where such a thing is possible. We were nearly kept in isolation like In A Prison where what was to be told and what wasn't majorly depended upon The Jailor up-keeping The Jail. We were told very many 'lies' to stop our comprehensive evolution though everything which was happening was happening as per The Cosmic Wheel and now the times are changing which The Jailor now nearly foolishly trying to stop it which it''never be able to. 

This web of existence has always been interconnected to the realms above and to the realms below and nothing exist in isolation mode in this entire existential framework. The Next Age is all about regaining it back, Our Cosmic CoExistence and those who're prepared to embrace such a thing sincerely shall Rise and those who aren't shall fall again only to rise in some other timeline somewhere there in the future as Destination of Each and Everyone is one and the same as This System is Nothing But Unitary.

Image from unsplash


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