Fruit to Ripe

In this Game of Duality within Infinity sometimes it's time for Light to shine and sometimes for Darkness to rise to create Balance between The Two Sides which together creates This Reality which We commonly call to as Life. From being an Infinite to being Limited and Finite, Fractals tends to forget their Origin, their Infinity and gets lost in this web of Days and Nights. Most of our recent ancestors lived a life from this finite spectrum where We as a human race were nearly crippled from seeing That which never witness demise just seemingly playing with it's own fragmented types. But now times are changing as per The BalanceSheet and Time of Darkness is now Over and it's now time for Us to Shine like Stars do while ReConnecting with Our Own Lost Cosmic Tribe. While some of Us have already ReMembered and some of Us are in their process of ReMembering and those whose time hasn't yet arrived will get cleansed and they'll continue to move ahead in their journey and wait for their Fruit to Ripe.

Image from wallpaperaccess


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