False Ascension Matrix

As there's this True Ascension Possibility which is sort of open especially for over a decade now scheduled as part of This Cosmic Wheel of which we all are part of, there's this False Ascension Matrix as well which was conceptualised by Those who doesn't want this Transformation to take place or else they'll lose all their control which they've built for centuries. This they've done by different strategies like creating new age spiritual celebrities in the form of Instagram Influencers et. al whose only job is to present only that information which would derail this entire process of Mass Awakening in such a manner so that it become acceptable to those who're trying to ascend only to realise at a later stage that they've again been trapped like multiple number of times in their previous stints. This is a very important topic of discussion to make aware especially those sincere beings who descended here to make the change but they themselves have been changed in this very polluted 'air' and have been nearly made to fall. We'll continue to throw light upon this in the future as well and hence stay attuned and keep on sincerely discriminating before consuming any information and rely more upon your own inner being or The Ever Pervading Infinite.

Image from pexels


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