Cosmic CoExistence

Lets begin from here. What is the general understanding of CoExistence, of being a CoExistor? A heavy portion of the living human souls would say it is to live in coherency with the rest of the Earthy Tribes, the animals, the birds, the plants, the trees. Which is partially right but not in its entirety. Earth is not existing in isolation from The Cosmic Rest. Everything exists in interdependency in This Finite System. But this understanding has been nearly snatched from the human race so as to flourish The KingShip of Ignorance. CoExistence has always been about Our CosmicNess, about existing in companionship with The Cosmic Family and not just through a prisoned perspective of Earth and its inhabitants.

The Next Age in which We’re collectively entering into now will be about knowing Our Cosmic Identity, Our Cosmic Self. This is however not to mix Our Current Understanding of Territorial Physics which comes from This Earth as an element and The Physics of Other Planes of Existence which We’ll expand upon sometime in the future under The Section of Cosmic Physics. Cosmic CoExistence to begin with will be more about knowing Our Current Cosmic Placement, Our Cosmic Longitude and Latitude which will open humanity to the chances of evolving literally, in real sense from this dense Earthy existence to more lighter Ones, of getting out of This Dual Existence altogether, back To The Unified State regaining True and Everlasting Happiness. More in the next posts and therefore stay attuned.

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